Moon in Virgo Coffee House


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2004 Party at Bob and Mary Ann Marie Maleszyk's home

Photos by Dave Bakken and Bob Maleszyk

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 The bugs came and the food was great! George is always sharing his trout catch!

Great to see:

Sharon and Bob Quinn, Esther Howes and her daughter Stephanie, Randy and Mary Severance with their son Andrew, Aubrey Brown, Eddie and Robin Roffman and son Aaron, Bob Bienkowski, Rick Mangekian, Wes Golomb, Ron Jantzen, Bob & Ann Marie and sons Michael Maleszyk and Bryan with his girlfriend Jen, Evan Leonard, Dave and son Ben Bakken, George and Paula Rhodes and their whole clan: daughter Ashley, son George Paul and his wife Julie and child Kathleen (Katy), Devik Wyman, Don and Louise Salvatore, Mary Ann Scheblien Dawson, Liz Lapointe and her husband Rick, Jon and Jane Worthley, lots of neighbors Dennis Cataldo and Tom and Rosanna Natola with their three girls and a friend.


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