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Stephen Baird has been featured in Time, Newsweek, USA Today, People Magazine, Boston Globe, Washington Post, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Los Angles Times, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Milwaulkee Journal, Sing Out! Magazine and numerous regional newspapers. He has also been featured, quoted and referenced in books, educational journals and graduate thesis including the American Bar Association Journal and National Law Review.
Stephen Baird writings have been published in numerous magazines and he has published magazines and cultural directories for over three decades.

Samples are available upon request or Stephen Baird's Articles & Reviews (8 pages 1.6 mb large file) click here.

The Folk Directory was a 200 page bi-annual publication listing folk arts artists and organizations.
Jamaica Plain Open Studios Artists Directory listed 300 artists.
The Folk Almanac was a 16 page newspaper pubished 6 times a year.
Samples are available upon request.

Below are some some links to articles featuring Stepehn Baird's arts advocacy work, See the entire web sites for additiona references.

Community Arts Advocates

Street Arts and Buskers Advocates

MBTA Legal Battle November-December 2003 (See the MBTA Media Campaign section for expanded list of Television, Radio and Print coverage here)


Boston Legal Battle June 2004-June 2006 ... on

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