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2006 Moon In Virgo Reunion Party

Pot Luck, BYOB

Saturday August 5th, 2005; Mid-afternoon thru evening

Sharon and Bob Quinn <>

We live in Brookline NH which is off of Route 13 just over the MA line. I will send directions and more details as the time gets closer. We will do potluck as is tradition,

From 1967 to 1971, I was involved with my fellow Northeastern University students in a coffee house called the Moon in Virgo. It ran every Friday, from 8-11 PM on the third floor of the Ell Student Center in room 356. Many of us became roommates and life-long friends. The coffeehouse was one of the places in Boston where the 60s folk scare grew. The performers included Bill Staines (a live tract of his yodeling song was recorded here), Chris Smithers, Livingston Taylor (one of his first public performances), Eric Anderson, Leonda, Bob White, Sarah Gray, Paul Geremia, Bart Lee, Nancy Michaels, Millard Fillmore (Don Armstrong & Tom Mitchell) and a host of other fine artists. The official name of the student group was the Ethnomusicological Society.

The pictures and posters here are from Dave Bakken's and my collections. Other folks are welcome to send their photographs, old menus, memorabilia, along with notes and stories they would like to share by email or snail mail (Scan photos as jpegs at 72 dpi which is good enough for the computer screen). Let me know if you want your contact information published.


Stephen Baird on stage and Dave Bakken on the sound board. Stephen Baird with Dianne Gagner

Lester Scafidi with Sharon Bourassa. Lester and Dave Bakken. Lester again. The "Office Guitar" Click on photos for larger versions.

Series of Moon in Virgo Coffeehouse, party and beach party photos from Bob & Ann Marie Maleszyk. Click on photos for larger verisons

Poster for Opening of Coffeehouse before it was named Moon in Virgo sent by Mark Sandman

Moon in Virgo Schedule (I believe Winter of 1969-1970)

Moon in Virgo Schedules (1968-1972) Click on Schedules for larger version.

Moon in Virgo Menu traced by Paula Rhodes for 1985 reunion invitation.



Don & Victoria Armstrong 1972 Moon in Virgo

Just ran across this in a scrapbook. I think there are other pictures, too, from that evening, but they are in storage back east. Come spring when we are back there, I will try to locate them. Anyway, hope you like the picture. That was a memorable night, I think there may still be a cassette I have somewhere (perhaps the person who recorded may still have it). Tom & I did 2 sets and Victoria did one, and then we all sang some songs together which was really nice. It was a packed house, I remember, and Bill Staines, Bob White, Alan Stowell and Kurt Anderson showed up. That was the night I sang White Mountains Good Bye to Bill at the party after, over and over again because he wanted to learn it. Nice memories. -- Don & Victoria Armstrong --

Don and Victoria sent this CD along in February. I've also included a partial sound clip MP3 file of the the title track "Song For 9/11" by Victoria Armstrong, Aurora Music 2002, ASCAP  PO Box 40994, Tucson, AZ 85717 USA  Phone: 520.437.2779. Click to download the MP3 file here

Dave Bakken scanned emailed these photos from the 1984 Moon in Virgo party. Click on the picture for a large view:

Stephen Baird and Lester Scafidi at the Marblehead Festival of the Arts 2000


Moon in Virgo 2003 party pictures

Moon in Virgo 2004 party pictures 

Moon in Virgo 2005 party pictures

Moon in Virgo Coffeehouse "Circle of Friends" Send updates and additions

Some artists links and/or email contacts for those who are looking for memories:

All photographs are JPG 72 dpi resolution.

Photographs in TIFF or other formats or at higher resolution are available upon request.


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