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Travel & Nature Photographs 

 All photographs are JPG 72 dpi resolution.

Photographs in TIFF or other formats or at higher resolution are available upon request.

Copyright 1966-2007 by Stephen Baird



I was heading south through eastern Arizona in March and it started to snow heavily. I came upon this road sign.
The last line was a "kicker."

Not snowplowed during-storms.

I had to head further east to New Mexico to find a road south.

( It turned out well --ran accross a hot spring that is only known to the local folks).


Click on this picture for a larger versions to see the "Battle Scars"

Caught these cats sunning in a window of Alexandria, Virginia while investigating and reporting on a street performing legal case.

While on the docks of Provincetown on the Cape all of sudden the sea was "boiling" with a school of fish. Must have been thousands and the surface of the sea glistened by their surfacing and flips.

This field of yellow flowers I happened upon in northern Vermont on the western shore of Lake Champlain.

Sometimes nature is just outside your kitchen window.

I often choose tour routes that will allow me to hike trails. This water fall is along Route 109 that runs along the Deleware River in Pennsylvania.


I host the Emerald Necklace Bird Club web site. Below is flash gallery of bird images. See web page for lots more HERE

Great Horned Owl, Black Swallowtailed Butterfly, Eastern Bluebird in Flight, Monarch Butterfly

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